Thursday, July 22, 2010

In London Town

Arrived here two days ago. I have a lot to say, but no time to say it. Right now I am due at the quiz night in the pub downstairs. Yes I am living above a pub for now. It's tough being me. May report back soon (I have given up giving promises).


  1. Living above a pub! Oh the awesomeness!!

  2. Living above a butcher's shop would be good too.
    Fluffy (of RBB)

  3. I once lived at a pub, needless to say I found myself in some interesting circumstances.

  4. Hi Nicola,
    I didn't realise your blog was active again.
    Your travels look fun, love the photos. Keep safe in London, there's more weirdos per square mile in that den of iniquity than there is in darkest Nepal or Tibet.
    Lucky you above the pub.
    Remember that if the quizmaster asks what is the name of the meat which is pork after it has been cured.;
    the answer is HAM, not HEM. Be very careful of THE VOWELS OF AOTEROA. You'll confuse the poor Brits.
    Enjoy your time.

  5. You should visit Bremen and have coffee with Anselm and myself.
    Aurel Mueller