Friday, March 12, 2010

BANGKOK Fish foot massage anyone?

Some points from the last three days (which I can note in the 20minutes I have left):

1. The first night I didn't get to bed until 6am NZ time (midnight here) after a long flight. It was not helped by the fact I couldn't find the shower, and searched all five floors of the guest house to find one. Then reception told me they were in the toilet, and indeed they are. You place your clothes on the top of cysteine and hope that they don't get wet.

2. I am not yet brave enough to try the deep fried crickets, but I did try a fish foot massage. The aim of this is to put your feet in a tank of wee fish who then nibble at the dead skin on your foot. It tickles a lot, but I would like to note that the fish seemed to ignore the dead skin and instead go straight for the living meat. Personally I think it might be a bit of a scam, none of the attendant could even name the variety of fish.

3. There are a lot of amazing Buddhist temples in Bangkok. Today I went to the Temple of the Reclining Buddha that features a Buddha lying in the position of nirvana (lying down). He is an impressive 15metres long and about 8metres high and made of pure gold (he weighs about 5 tonnes apparently). There are so many other amazing temples as well.

4. I am haggling OK I think, but there have been some disasters. I have already bought two very ugly pieces of clothing because I have stopped to look at something and then the vendor as nagged and haggled and suddenly I am back in my room sighing with something hideous in my two hands.

5. There are heaps of pedestrian crossings, but the traffic doesn't actually stop for pedestrians. You just kind of have to step out and hope that you make it around everything, or they stop for you. Otherwise, you are limited to one block
6. I fly to Japan tomorrow.