Saturday, April 17, 2010

Tsunamis, Orphans and Rubber - Part One

First, an apology for the lack of posts. There have been too many plases to see, do and think about. Before I realise it the day is through and the plans for tomorrow are taking shape. This afternoon I have a window of time, so here we go.

Next, a recap of events. On March 9th I flew from Auckland to Bangkok and in four days I adjusted to the heat, tasted the food, saw the temples and bought the hideous clothes. From there I went to Japan for two weeks.

Japan quickly became a country I admire and am intriuged by, even if it was a budget blowout of unforeseen proportions. It needs its own series of posts and I won't cover it here.

On March 27th I flew back to Thailand and apart from one afternoon in Myanmar/Burma, I have been here ever since, and will be until the 20th when I fly to Nepal. The first few days were in the north of the country and for nine days now I have been on the Andaman Coast in the south, the last week spent volunteering in an orphanage. Next, I indulge as a tourist, spending two days on Surrin Island snorkling, drinking coke (possibly with alcoholic additives), reading trashy novels and believing all is paradise.

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